My style

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important decision. Not only are you choosing someone who is going to be around you for the great majority of your wedding day, you also need to give consideration to the style in which they shoot.

My style is very much "more informal, less formal".  Being more informal and less formal means a more documentary wedding photography style. That is concentrating on the story of the day and the people that help to tell the story.

As if your wedding day isn't a big enough deal, having to stand and have your photograph taken a thousand times is pretty daunting, and can also cuts into your day quite a lot too.  I prefer a different approach to photographing weddings and that is to look to tell the story of your day. OK, so I'm with you all day, I like to stay close to both of you for a good proportion of that time, but what I'm looking for are those small moments of emotion, that hug, a look, a smile or a kiss.

I'm not looking to spend lots of your time posing you or your guests for many different group photos, I prefer to look for the story within the day and photograph the moments you can look back on in the future that tell the story of your day.

Formal Wedding Photography Worcestershire

Of course that's not to say there is no requirement for more formal photographs.

Family and group photographs are important, but I suggest to all my couples a pretty tight list of maybe 6-8 formal photographs is perfect to avoid any great disruption to the day. Bride and Groom portraits are also fantastic and of course I would recommend a number of those at some point during the day.

However, to gain the most from your wedding day I photograph the events of the day as they unfold in a natural, unobtrusive manner leaving you free to enjoy your day without fear of someone asking you to smile and "say cheese".

If my style sounds like your style, then why not get in touch with me to discuss your wedding day photography.