Candid Wedding Photography

As a candid wedding photographer my aim is to shoot natural wedding photographs, to shoot photographs of your wedding day as it unfolds with the minimum of intervention from me as your wedding photographer. I'm not looking to organise your wedding, or move people around into different groups for taking lots of group shots. The idea of a documentary wedding photographer is to tell the story of your day as it happens, leaving you to get on with enjoying your day, free from the 'just one more group shot' scenario that many weddings suffer from.

Candid Wedding Photography

Of course, group shots are important, and if they are an important part of your day, they need to be considered, however as part of the wedding photography style I am looking to grow, candid reportage wedding photography encompasses those moments that too often pass by, with barely a thought or notice. That look, a touch or an emotion, captured for you to look back on and relive in years to come.


I do this with no intervention and in part the type of camera equipment I use to do this helps. I don't use large camera equipment, I use small kit that lets me get close to the action. Camera kit that doesn't frighten young kids, or frankly scream Wedding Photographer, making everybody stand up straight and smile at the birdie. In fact, I'll almost guarantee you there'll be guests at your wedding with bigger cameras than I have.

Up Close and Personal

But size isn't everything, and that's just how I want it. I want to be free to mingle amongst your guests. Using smaller sized camera equipment let's me get up close and personal with them and you, quietly, discreetly catching those moments that mean most, finding the angles that sometimes go unnoticed by others, and being able to get right into the middle of the action!


When you consider the photography you want from your wedding day, think about what it is you want from them. If you're looking for a natural, story telling tale from your wedding day images, then why not get in touch and chat more with me.