Black and White Wedding Photography

  If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Worcestershire or for that matter anywhere in the UK at present, the chances are a good proportion of anyone's work you look at will contain some black and white images.

Black and white wedding day photographs are amazingly popular at the present time, particularly for the documentary style wedding photos, which tell the story of your day.

As with all genres of wedding photography, there's a wide range of choice and processing options available when you're looking at Wedding Photographers who process your wedding day images into black and white. Some may choose a very classic clean tonal image, whilst others often look to emulate the days of film with a more faded look to photographs.

Whatever style you would like for your wedding day images, it's worth talking through with your Wedding Photographer, find out more about their style of processing and look closely at the portfolio of images they have available. Many wedding photographers choose to create their own look and feel for a client's wedding images, and this offers a unique look to wedding day photographs you may not see elsewhere, it may suit you and your wedding party, it may not. A chosen Wedding Photographer may well be able to create the look and feel of the images you want if they understand your requirements as a wedding client.

Working as a documentary wedding photographer, black and white is a chosen favourite of mine. It portrays a very clear message as far as the image stands, and with wedding attire the colour choices for bridal dresses and groom attire works well.

Below are a couple of different images, which offer a slightly different look on each one for black and white photograph processing. Can you spot the difference and which one do you prefer the look of?


Black & White Photography Styles