As is so often the way with many things in life, you go from one day cherishing it to the next wondering why you've got it, and that's how this summer has kind of panned out with the Fuji X10 I bought earlier in the year. Believing it was all things to all men, and maybe the end of my DSLR love affair it soon became apparent I wasn't getting anywhere near the performance I wanted from it, or the images I was hoping for and so it has sat on the shelf never unloved due to it's good looks but somewhat unused.

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Oops, missed focus!

With a European holiday in the offing there is a glimmer of light for the Fuji to redeem itself, if I can figure out how to take reasonable photos with it. From the outset the attraction for me was a useable, portable point and shoot camera which gave me 75% of the quality of my Canon 5D images with 5% of the weight carrying. It hasn't so far delivered.

However, in fairness I feel it unfair to completely lay the blame for this at the little X10's door - after all if I don't understand how to get the best from it, then I'm never going to am I?

I've had a bit of a crash course over the past couple of weeks, trying to tame the little beast. Trying to work out which are the best settings to use, which settings to ignore and which settings to add to my custom set up to hit when it's all a bit tricky.

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Much Better...

Sadly, I'm still not 100% as it appears I get the best from it when it's in manual mode, which is a bit limited really for what I want (remember the whole point is for it to be p&s). Of course, with time comes understanding so as it stands I am thinking of only taking the Fuji and leaving the rest of my Canon kit at home.  Mistake? Well, it could be… however I can always fall back on manual mode, and leave the rest to post processing!