What's In My Bag

I love the idea of "what's in the bag" type web sites and blog posts. Finding out about fellow Photographers kit and what they like to use. I've been considering a blog post about it for awhile now, so without further ado, here's what's in mine. Fuji X-T1 Body This mini DSLR style camera came to me last year when I was looking for something a little quicker AF wise than the X-Pro1.  It's capable of extremely high quality work, and although not so much loved as the X-Pro1 it's a mini beast of a camera.

Fuji VG-XT1 Battery Grip Seamlessly integrating with the XT-1 body, the optional battery grip offers the option for doubling up on battery power for the XT-1 along with offering a perfect grip for vertical portrait shooting.

Fuji X-Pro1 Body This rangefinder styled camera is slowly becoming a classic. It produces fantastic images. If only the AF was just that bit snappier it would be perfect.

Fuji 18-55mm f/2.8 - f/4 XF R Zoom Lens Sold as their standard kit lens, this is no ordinary Kit zoom lens with amazing quality available. It features anti shake, along with the option to lock the aperture settings as required.

Fuji XF R 35mm f/1.4 Lens Fuji's prized 35mm lens offers amazing performance, and is the Fuji photographers go-to lens for this focal length.

Fuji XF R 60mm f/2.4 Lens The lens they love to hate.  It appears to polarise opinion as far as views on this lens, but there's no doubting its ability to shoot razor sharp images.  Give it good light and it's ideal.  Not so good light and it hunts around a little.  Overshadowed by Fuji's prized 56mm lens but it's around a 1/3 of the price if you buy a used one.

Spare Batteries As all owners will testify, Fuji cameras are battery heavy, so a couple of spare batteries are always on hand if I'm out all day.

Yongnuo 560III Speedlite An ideal cost effective non-TTL flashgun, complete with inbuilt receiver for firing. Great for off camera flash.

Wrist Straps/Neck Straps I like to use leather straps for both bodies and these are straps I make myself. I use an 8" wrist strap on my XT-1 and a 42" simple leather strap on my X-Pro1 which can hang off my shoulder as a spare easily. If you're interested you can buy them here at 595strapco.com or through the shop link here.  

Other items not shown

Billingham Hadley Pro (stealthy black) This is my third Billingham bag and each has performed superbly. I think it must be impossible to wear a Billingham out! Stealthy black is ideal for when I'm out and about, not creating too much interest or especially screaming Photographer at people.

Yongnuo YN560 Wireless Controller A recent addition, the YN560TX wireless controller offers reliable off camera firing options for the YN560 series with the ability to control a number of speedlites independently.

Yongnuo LED Light This is a great little continuous light if you need a little bit of fill light.

Spare Memory Cards Hey, can you ever have too many memory cards!

Monopod When the light is not great, I like the option of a Monopod as it provides a sturdy stick to rest my camera on and avoid camera shake in low light/shutter speed situations.

Manfrotto Pixi Tripod A small lightweight, travel tripod capable of holding 1kg of weight, making it ideal for CSC camera systems. The Pixi is ideal if you're looking for a tiny stowaway tripod you can take with you everywhere.

I'm getting to the stage where carrying all this around is making the Hadley Pro start to burst at the seams somewhat, so on days out I often trim this down to the bare basics, or if I'm looking for maximum flexibility I take just one lens and one camera.

There's other items I'm still looking at, and still looking at how to refine the line up I have.  I have an ever growing itch for an 18mm f/2 prime lens, along with a longer reach lens such as the 55-200. These represent such good money for what you can pick them up for at present, it's crazy not to consider them.