Ten tips for your Fuji XT1

Fuji's top of the range flagship body, the XT1 has been widely acclaimed as a showstopper and for good reason. With many professionals moving over from their DSLR's to a smaller, lighter body the Fuji XT1 is the perfect option retaining the image quality required whilst offering a significant weight saving over a professionals current kit bag. Here's ten tips for your Fuji XT1 to get you started if you're just dipping your toe into XT1 ownership. They're not specific for the set up of the camera, just simply a list of small tips that maybe of use I've cultivated having used mine for the past couple of months or so.

1. Use the Focus Assist button to magnify images 100% when reviewing them

2. Use Class 10 95mbs SD cards for optimal performance. They write fast offering fast review and saving. 

3. In Manual mode use the split screen for ultimate sharpness and tweaking to ensure your image is razor sharp

4. Always format your SD card in camera. This ensures no files from your PC are placed on the card when formatting that could lead to corruption

5. Struggling to lock focus? Increase the size of your focus box to help focussing. 

6. Use the Lock Function to isolate certain buttons from accidental use (ie exposure comp button). 

7. Use natural live view to see exactly what you're shooting and what it looks like. 

8. Using flash? Don't forget to turn off exposure preview in screen set up menu option to get a good view in the EVF. It'll look dark otherwise. 

9. Make sure you've got plenty of spare batteries for a days shooting. The XT1 is battery hungry and will chomp through a charged battery in around 350 images. 

10. Want to use exposure lock?  Keep the AE-L button depressed, unlike some DSLR's as soon as you release it EL is lost. 

Over the next few months, I'll be looking to add a more detailed set up blog post for the Fuji XT1, so stay tuned if you've enjoyed what you've read or sign up to receive my latest posts on Fuji products and general photography posts.

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