Stuck For Something To Shoot


How many times have you sat there and thought OK , what am I going to go put and shoot today?  I don't know about you but its a constant issue for me.

I love taking photos, I create whole creation and image processing deal, but so many times I sit there with my head in my hands wondering just what to go and take photos off…stupid I know.

I recently came across this great list, I'm not even sure where I found it, but thought I'd share it as it was one of those lists that offers such potential for when I'm suffering brain freeze, I thought it was worth a share.

Of course I'm also keen to hear what your inspiration is, so if you have great ideas, I'm all ears - just hit me up in the comments section. And if you're the author of this list or know who is, let me know - I'd love to share a hat tip to you!

A – Animals:  from aardvark to zebra, cuddly or plastic toys to your pet poodle.

B – Bokeh: work it ‘til you got bokeh picture perfect

C – Clouds: is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a cloud, and each one is unique.

D – Daytime: long exposure: get that ND filter ready!

E – Empty spaces: abandoned buildings, empty seats, open fields, empty places are everywhere.

F – Food: take daily diet snapshots, mouth-watering menus or documenting cooking skills.

G – Ghosts: blurred figures, multiple exposures and light orbs are all valid ghost pictures.

H – High: get a different perspective on any subject from up high.

I – Insects: remember to keep in mind our tips for taking pictures of mini beasts!

J – Jumping: animals that jump, trampolines, show jumping, jumping for joy – get that shot!

K – Kindness: tender moments only caught in candid photography- keep your eyes open.

L – Light trails: painting with light is easy with our hints n tips!

M – Macro photography: don’t forget our top tips for successful macro shots

N – Numbers: on houses, dice, lottery tickets, tv channels – numbers are everywhere!O – Ornate: seek out the detail of ornate objects or people dressed to the nines, and get up closeP – Plants: flowers, leaves, houseplants and even the industrial kind are all on the menu.Q – Queues: a line of people patiently waiting (or not) makes for great street photography.R – Reading: a book, a favourite phrase or just somebody quietly indulging a in a great book.

S – Sunsets: they happen every day, perfect for a 365 project!

T – Talking: gesticulation, speech, words – communication makes us who we are.

U – Under: get down low and see the world from a different angle!

V – Vinyl: stickers? records? linoleum floors? what catches your eye today?

W – Water: waves, waterfalls, droplets, torrential rain; water, water is (almost) everywhere.

X – XXX: a (tasteful) naked selfie... remember we showed you how!

Y – Yellow: pick a colour, any colour, this one is yellow.

Z – Zoom: pretend you are a spy for a day and get up close and personal without anyone knowing!