It was all a bit left field really.  One minute I was talking to someone, about to take my leave from this years Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham five days ago, the next I was looking back starry eyed at Nikon's Df having had a quick fumble with a demo one on their stand thinking how the hell can I get my hands on one!  

Even I'm a bit taken aback at the speed by which I've moved.  I'm terrible for moving camera kit on, I really do become emotionally attached to camera kit and my X100T is no different to some of the other kit I've really struggled to let go.  I have a Fujifilm X-Pro1 which sees very little in use now that common sense tells me I really should move on, but I'm really struggling to let go... It could be getting good use somewhere else but somehow I feel comforted by it seeing it on my bookshelf most days.

However, the only way I can finance a Nikon Df, apart from losing the odd kidney is to sell the little X100T along with the bits and pieces I've accumulated for it so that's what I've done!  The X100T has been a great little fellah and in truth until the X-Pro2 came along was always my go to camera.

It feels just right in the hand, works fantastically well and is simple to carry wherever you go. I thought the Fuji X70 may have been a great replacement as an every day carry camera, but I don't think it's close to being what the X100T is and I felt little loss for that when it left the building.

However, I do have a theory about all my Fuji cameras, which is why I'm really keen to try the Df and ultimately why I was comfortable letting my X100T go and haven't bought the latest X100F as yet.  

I'm going to keep that theory under my hat for the present time to see where my thinking is once I've tried a few photographs with the Df and if it is (at least for me) what I think it is I'll share more here.

In the meantime, it's adieu to my lovely little X100T with a tear in my eye, I'm off to get the red carpet ready for something just a little different.