Slip, Sliding Bank Holidays

Don't you just hate them, wet soggy Bank Holidays. The kind only the UK seem able to serve up. Those kind of days when you wake early, and it's raining and just seems to carry on like it for the whole of the day with no apparent let up from dawn to dusk. For the photographers out there, these are the desperate days. Some will venture out, however those of us who have no real need to be out in such weather sit there looking at items around the house, wondering how we can picture them, how we can frame them in a different way, how we can picture them and how we can process them differently.

All of this whilst we continually look on forlornly at the bigger picture out of the window, at the cold wet inclement weather only the UK can throw up on a Bank Holiday.

Still, whilst we're sat there wondering what to do, the day slips by, lost in the images and frames of almost caught and plenty of lost images... roll on the next sunny day that's what I say.