Simple Subjects...

I can't believe a whole month has passed by since I last wrote a note or two on here, so much for keeping the site updated! With the cold months still upon us, it's fair to say I haven't been out and about much - it's not easy to point the camera at anything and shoot whilst your shaking with the cold!

Subjects close to home are always great to shoot, as you're never too far away from a warm cup of coffee or a radiator, and we're lucky to have some lovely woods and stunning scenery closeby to where we live.

Whenever we do venture further afield, a great morning out is a trip down to Stratford upon Avon.  Not too far away, and always a great morning to feed the ducks, a wander round and a cup of tea or coffee to warm ourselves up.

The Royal Shakespeare Company HQ at Stratford is built on the banks of the Avon, and is a stunning, if not beautiful building to behold when you're in Stratford.