Shooting like a Studio Pro...

Anna Sichova | Club197 | Dave Young Photos

Shoot like a pro? Well not quite, but I did for the first time ever shoot in a professional environment in a photo studio with a model who knew more about what she was doing than I did!

It was quite an experience I can tell you, and although I only actually fired off about 20 shots as part of the group, it was pretty fascinating watching the experts at work setting up the shot - getting the lighting right, metering to find the correct exposure required, and then checking and re-checking all the settings, so all that was needed was to effectively point and shoot.

It was also interesting watching those that had worked with models before.  Working with them, talking to them, telling them how to look, how to stand, how to place hands, head, how to smile.  It may seem simple enough, but when you've never done it before, you tend to be conscious of just trying to get what you want in focus that the rest goes out of the window.  Poor Anna, our model must have thought we were a pretty grumpy and impolite bunch!

Having had a limited amount of time to shoot, I have to say it's something that I thought would be great fun and it turned out to be just that.  I really quite fancy being able to direct more of what I want, and am definitely going to look at the opportunity of booking the Studio197 room and guys once more for help and assistance.  I was surprised just how technical the lighting side, and getting right was - and having looked in Lightroom at the images I took I'm amazed at just how little post processing is required.

Hopefully if Keigo and Tommy are around they can help out and if Anna hasn't found us too grumpy, I may see if she's up for another helping hand with a novice starter as well.  She's certainly a great subject isn't she?

Take a look HERE for the rest of the set.