Review: Fuji X-T1 Vertical Grip

If you're a Fuji X-T1 owner, you'll know that one of the very few disadvantages of it is the relatively short battery life, something not uncommon in almost all Fuji models.  A simple option to assist you in increasing the shot count is to match it to the X-T1 Vertical Grip. By adding a second battery it doubles the shooting capacity to approximately 700 whilst providing the option to shoot vertical in portrait mode. 

Attaching to the camera body is simple. Remove the rubber cover on the base of the body which is stowed in a useful recess in the grip for safe keeping and then simply screw the grip into the tripod socket using the sturdy locking wheel.  There are two metal posts on either end of the grip which insert into the base of the camera to help prevent twist or flex of the grip once attached.  

The VG-XT1 offers a dust and water resistant body just as the X-T1 does and features twin command dials, AE-L and AF-L buttons, focus assist button and a shutter release button together with a tripod mounting thread. 

XT1-Grip Main Image | daveyoungfotografia
XT1-Grip Main Image | daveyoungfotografia

If you find your X-T1 a little on the small side the vertical grip also adds useful size to the body to create a more DSLR like feel together with offering independent buttons for shooting. 

One gripe I have with the grip is due to the way it connects to the camera it’s not possible to change the battery in the camera body easily - the whole thing has to come off to swap over to a fresh one. The battery in the grip is the first battery in use, which means you can simply change that one when it’s empty and carry on.

Priced at around £200 it's not a cheap option simply to add size to your X-T1, there are alternate options that provide that including Fuji's own X-T1 Metal Hand Grip.  However if you're looking for a more sophisticated, easier way of shooting in portrait mode that matches your camera beautifully then the VG-XT1 grip is worthy of a second look. 

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