So there's a new kid about to hit Fuji town, and it's got us Fujinistas all hot under the collar for a couple of really good reasons. The Fuji X-T10 looks a pared down brother to the table topping Fuji X-T1 only with bigger guns until the new firmware rolls out for the X-T1. 

Looking rather retro cool like a 1970's film camera replica, the X-T10 features many carry over parts to the X-T1, certainly enough for a lot of X-T1 owners to consider it as a back up or second camera to their prime shooter given its pretty low price tag. In the UK, an X-T10 body only is going to cost just under £500!

So, what's missing?  Well for a start you don't get dedicated ISO dials on the top plate, they're tucked into the menu now, likewise the photometry buttons for metering. The viewfinder isn't quite so awesome and there's no weather sealing. Other than that there are few other features missing that makes up an X-T1 and it includes the same great sensor, flip out screen, film simulations and wi-fi to name but a few. 

Most people with X-T1's are pretty chuffed as the new focussing software which will be seen on the X-T10 is being driven out to the X-T1 via firmware update, but it does beg the question to Fuji's X-E2 owners who look like they've been left out in the cold a bit, let alone owners of older X-E1 & X-Pro1 models. 

Fuji appear to be getting more picky with their so called 'kaizen' updates and which models can or will get updated through firmware updates. Remember it's not long ago the X100s got left out off the 'classic chrome' film sim update (amongst other bits and pieces) which still wrankles with a lot of users, so leaving the X-E2 out of any further updates isn't going to help win friends. 

However, the show must go on for Fuji and developing their range of bodies and lenses means casualties along the way I guess, and with kaizen being such an important part of previous developments, when the tap gets turned off people are always going to ask why.

On the whole the X-T10 looks another hit for Fuji and definitely worth a look if you're interested in a smaller sized CSC that can produce the goods.  With the release of yet more stellar prime lenses, Fuji really are starting to increase their footprint in a competitive area of the camera market. 

Link to original Fuji News Release here: Fuji X-T10 Press Release

Fuji X-T10 All Pics
Fuji X-T10 All Pics