The Rangefinder Project Part I

Ricoh 500G Featured Image So today I received my little Ricoh 500G through the post I bought earlier in the week.

On first examination I was thinking this could be a bit of pup, it's front fixed 40mm lens was a bit wonky, the manual timer clicked pretty lifelessly, the remaining light seals were thick and gungy and overall it was pretty grubby.

Still, in fairness I paid very little for it and the whole point is to have a little Winter project to try and restore it to a working condition and find out more about the rangefinder phenomenon.

First impressions aside the shutter fired fine, the aperture blades appear to work smoothly and there seems plenty of life left in this little beauty.

First jobs to do are as follows -

  • Find out the issue with the loose lens and fix
  • Remove remainder of light seals & replace
  • Clean rest of camera and look at overall condition
  • Track down a useable battery to check and use automatic settings

I'll update the restoration as to how I go when the lens issue has been resolved.  I'm currently researching lots of great online areas for hints and tips on repairing and running these wee little beasties... can't wait to get going with it, more soon!