Photography Projects

Thinking forward to 2015, I'm really looking at ways to improve my photography, improve my skills and learn new ones and get back better images than I currently get. I'm interested in the different photography projects one can try with the express interest of improving the output - along with having fun along the way. 1. Project 365 
A photo a day for a Project 365 is a concentrated way to practice your photography skills and really push yourself. A 365 takes real commitment to work your way through a whole year.

2. 30 day project A photo a day for 30 day provides the perfect opportunity to really focus on a theme (maybe per week), or learn and practice a new skill.

3. Project 52 With maybe more structure than a Project 365 a project 52 offers the option to take one image per week. You could pick a theme for a month, and master specific areas of your photography you want to raise.

4. Get out of your comfort zone 
Maybe you’re great at landscape, is so why not try to get to grips with street photography You’ll learn new skills and have great fun learning a new genre.

5. Focus on one lens
 If you have a number of different lenses why not pick one and keep that on your camera for a week, or a month or even a whole year. This will push your creative talents, teaching you to think differently, how to use the lens to the best of its abilities and how to get the best from your camera and subject with it.

6. Choose a subject Pick a new subject to concentrate on. Are you finding most of your photographs feature one subject, then try new subjects that take you away from your comfort zone. Subject ideas: 
– Windows
 – A single color 
– Lines
 – Doors 
– Chairs

7. Pick a theme Making the decision to focus on one particular area can improve your skills as a Photographer and help to perfect your techniques. Here’s a few different ideas for themes - Street Photography - Composition - framing, rule of thirds, leading lines - Macro - using a macro lens or close focussing if you don’t own a macro lens. - Light - Indoor light, natural light, flash

8. Self portraits
 A daily, weekly or monthly self portrait is a great way to push your creative limits finding new, interesting ways to shoot portraits. Shooting yourself gives you the option to really think about different ideas and themes you can try.

9. ABC project 
Two different options you can take on this idea. Either pick a letter and photograph a subject that starts with that letter or find a subject that looks like the letter you’ve chosen and shoot that. When you have enough you can create different images made up of the letters you’ve shot.

10. A Day in the life 
Photograph your complete day from start to finish. Aim to take an image every hour at the same time to record your way. It’s a fun way to capture everyday moments and routines that we are often overlooked.

I'm mulling over options at the present time as to a project I want to work to. One thing's for certain, I definitely want to get moving with one, improve my technique and understanding and push my creative juices to the limit.

Are you thinking of a project for next year? What is it? Leave a comment underneath and let me know what it is, and I'll give a shout out to the most interesting.