Photographer Without a Cause

I love photography. All sorts of photography, from landscapes through street to portrait and boudoir, I love it all. I love the equipment and suffer regularly from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) for both digital and film mediums. I love the processing of digital along with almost all that goes with it. As you can see I really am quite passionate about it as a subject.

The problem is I'm a rather frustrated photographer as I'm a photographer without a cause.  I sit and read a lot about photography, a lot about processing photographs and a lot about the gear I really like. The problem is I don't get out as much as I want to (or need to) and when I do I don't really appear to see the photographs others see.

The problem is I'm not a street photographer, I'm not really one of those people who can wander a town taing photographs of random strangers going about their business, be it knowlingly or unwittingly.  I work from home so I don't have the excuse of taking photographs on the commute to or from work In any case. 

Likewise I'm not a landscape photographer. I don't really 'see the picture' before me much stood on the top of a hill and as for getting up before sunrise, we'll forget that!

I don't live in a picture perfect house where the light or subject is much worthy of a photograph. I don't live in a town or a quaint village that exudes beauty where photographs of note happen.

I find it particularly frustrating that I go out and don't shoot, I find it frustrating that I don't photograph the things I want to because I don't really know what I want to shoot. I pick any one of my cameras up at least once a day, I shoot crap photos around the house just to have that feeling of taking a photograph. I don't actually do anything with those photographs as they're not worth doing anything with.


I constantly look to process my digital photographs looking for a 'look', a signature style I like. I have invested thousands of hours (and pounds) in tweaking and presets looking for that look and yet still it evades me - still I frustrate myself with how those photos look even if I like the subject material. 

So, I live in a bubble where I grab small opportunities to take photos I don't really want to, I'm almost forcing myself to take photographs, well just because.  I need a reason to be invested in my all encompassing hobby. I need a project which isn't taxing (which my 365 is proving to be), I need it to be challenging but still fun, above all else I need a cause.

Maybe I should do a course or two. Maybe I should invest in some training but where to start? Subject material, composition, processing?  Maybe at the end of the day I should just set aside time for myself and make some goals for what I want to photograph!