Photo Processing Software...for Free!

Darktable | Having used Lightroom for quite a while now, I have no real reason to move away from it.

However, for those who can't justify its price tag and are looking for photo processing software that's simple and easy to use for editing and library storage I came across something a couple of days ago that could be an interesting option.

Darktable has been around for a little while now, and runs exclusively for Mac and Linux users. It offers users a free alternative to Lightroom and (for Mac users) Aperture, and is a pretty nifty piece of software. Being an open source product it's upgraded on a reasonably regular basis and its features are anything but sparse.

With the ability to do almost anything bigger more costly options can do such as library and editing functions, Darktable has quite a following - and handles both RAW and jpg files in fine fashion, unless as in my case you're a Fuji RAW file shooter!  It's editing functions are on a par with the best of the commercial options out there, and the ability to categorise your images also exists.

On the whole for those looking for a viable alternative to LR or Aperture, this works well, and is worth more than a second glance. Go to for more information and to download your copy.