Originally given away on the cover of a magazine, the Jiffy Calculator for Night-Light Exposures was the perfect accessory if you were looking to take photos in darker or more difficult lighting conditions and needed some help on getting your settings right.

There is still an argument to suggest that in spite of all the modern innovations today's digital camera has, the Jiffy Calculator still has a place to play in the photographers kit bag.  If you are faced with difficult lighting conditions, that may fool your digital camera's metering mode this is a great piece of kit you can keep in your kit bag to help you get that shot.


The original idea was simple - the author listed out as many differing lighting conditions as he could that a night-time photographer may face and graded them from lightest to darkest. All you needed to do was simply run down the list to find the closest lighting condition through the scene number, and slide the ASA film speed card to match the film ASA against the scene number.

Nowadays with your digital camera in hand, you’re just about good to go to get the right results every time - however, if you are stuck for metering or want to be on the safe side, this small calculator can help you to get your exposure settings close to what you're looking for.

Now you may be thinking that this all seems terribly old fashioned, but time hasn’t changed the basic physics behind camera exposure, so information from 1968 is just as relevant in 2014.  Of course, the advantage today is you can check the image taken, re-take if it's not quite right or simply bracket to ensure you make the shot.

If you’re wondering where you can get your own Jiffy Calculator, that’s easy - just CLICK ME to download your own PDF and print off to keep.

It maybe one of those bits of kit that sits in your camera bag and is rarely used, but for sure if you’re like me, it’ll save you a lot of time and frustration.

A hat tip and thanks to Chris Dodkin for the heads up on this.