On the Wanted List

Fujifilm_X10 I have a great many wants on my photography list, but one which is an itch I really want to scratch at the moment is for a Fujifilm X10.  The X range of Fuji cameras are an increasing range of popular cameras which offer maybe as much as 90% of the ability of  a DSLR in a small portable package.

The range is quite expansive, but the X10 is where I'm sat looking currently.  A small, particularly portable camera with a good zoom range of 28mm - 112mm and a host of features which makes it geeky enough for a hobbyist like me.  At the same time it still offers all the advantages of a point and shoot type camera for others in the family.  Added to that, an f/2 - f/2.8 lens makes it's a bit of kit which will no doubt produce some great images.

One of the biggest reasons for it being on my wanted list is simply it's portability whilst at the same time offering great quality of image. I stepped away from DSLR's for a little while not too long ago, and bought a Panasonic GF1.  Whilst it was a great camera for mooching about with, ultimately the image quality just wasn't what I wanted.  I believe the X10's will be.  It's also small enough to go anywhere and discreet enough to grab that image without feeling too self-conscious about what you've got hanging around your neck!

I'm on the look out at present for one, with the advent of a new X20, my thinking is there'll be some bargain second hand X10's floating around, and with the sacrifice of my trusty 40D which just doesn't get used since I bought my Canon 5Dc, I'm thinking this ticks all the right boxes.