When I started looking at the Nikon Df, it was with the intention of using it with prime lenses. I prefer the feel and simplicity of a prime lens and one of the lenses I use most is an 85mm focal length equivalent.  Looking at the options Nikon offers I had two really, the f1.8 or the much larger, much more expensive f1.4.  Shopping around I came across a seller on eBay selling an 85mm f1.8 at a competitive price and having won the auction managed to get it in hand last weekend.  Compared to the Fuji lenses I've used previously for the past few years, the 85mm f1.8 Nikon lens is a whopper.  However, it's not as heavy as it looks, I'm guessing mainly as it's plastic and not metal.  

Last weekend with the UK Spring weather as it was, I managed to get out with it and take a few photographs of my lovely Wife and Daughter.  As you can see, the Nikon performs wonderfully well.  Shooting close to wide open I love the separation from the subject to the background and that full frame look just looks amazing.  Focussing is quick, particularly in the light we had and image quality when paired with the Df is as I would have anticipated and just what I was looking for.

Overall first impressions are very favourable, I haven't once thought maybe I should have gone for an f1.4 option, the f1.8 does it all for me.

Here's a few photographs from our trip out all shot on the 85mm.