Monthly Photography Challenge

bench_1 I've been thinking about how I can get more out of my photography recently, and not really being one for 365's or Week 52's where there's a bit too much pressure to constantly churn out results.

I recently came across a monthly photography challenge that appealed to me that offered the opportunity for me to try a number of different disciplines and subjects whilst at the same time giving me a whole month to practice and pop some results up.

Here's the random list for each month -

May - Natural light June - Hands July - Black & White August - Landscape September - Animal October - Technology
November - Green December - Silhouette January - Self Portrait February - Colour March - Close up April - Bokeh

If anyone else is interested in doing it with me just let me know in the comments section below! I think it could be a bit of fun, and certainly get the creative juices flowing if you're stuck for something to think about shooting through the months.

The only rule is you have to submit a picture taken in the month. I'll feature a selection of any others here on the site each month.