Leather Straps, my downfall...my salvation

Since owning my X-Pro1 for just over a year, I’ve been rocking a wrist strap of one kind or another.  For it’s size, shape and weight, a wrist strap for almost all occasions seems to be just about perfect, although on odd occasion I revert to a neck strap for times when I’m out and about just with my camera and no bag.

The strap that Fuji supply whilst being adequate doesn’t quite live up to the requirements I have and having looked around for a strap decided to start making and selling my own leather wrist straps last year.  I figured a classic camera strap unique to its owner that ages beautifully through ownership is akin to the Fuji X-Pro1 itself.

Each strap made is handcrafted from premium quality leather, always of the highest grade, sourced within the UK.  These are married to high quality fittings and thread and each finished with pure natural beeswax for a high quality finish and protection.

Specialising in making custom leather camera straps is a labour of love, not a business for me.  Making something that is built to last, based on the fundamental principles of quality and service gives me a warm feeling each time I make and supply a strap.

Now you have the opportunity to own one of these straps - simply visit the shop and choose the style, colour and size you want either in wrist strap or our classic Laverton neck strap style and you too can have that unique classic look for your camera.