Laters Fuji: my reasons for change

If you follow my antics on social media, it will come as no surprise that I've recently sold all my Fujifilm cameras and lenses and the proceeds have gone towards a move back to DSLR kit.  

I'm sure some out there would consider this change quite a crazy idea, considering the number of people switching the other way from the DSLR systems across to Fuji. but having shot with the Nikon Df for a while now alongside the X-Pro2, I’ve come to the conclusion that Fuji's latest and greatest still doesn't give me quite what I want. 

I've ummed and arred for quite a while now about changing, I looked at both Sony and Olympus but neither really excite me whilst the far from perfect Df was almost a love at first shot and gives me the speed I want and the feel I want from my photographs. 

Now of course there are pro’s and con’s to each but for me the pro’s definitely outweigh the cons at present even on the much maligned Nikon Df, which people seem to love or hate. I tried to sit down and think of the pluses and minuses of each system, here's a few of the more pertinent points for me. YMMV - 

DSLR Over Fuji
AF - quicker & more accurate
Continuous AF works! 
Battery life
Files from Nikon are nicer to work with in LR
RAW Image quality better
RAW files easier to manage in LR (Size v speed)
High ISO on the Df is nicer & actually melts away when using a bit of Noise Reduction
Full frame still looks better
Lens line up & availability
Cost of lenses v equivalent Fuji lenses

Fuji over DSLR
Number of AF points
Simple controls of exposure triangle
Size - The X-Pro2 is much smaller
Weight - OK, it’s lighter.
EVF - What you see is what you get
Film simulations (Acros!)
Wireless functionality (D750 addresses those)





I came across a thread recently on a Facebook group I belong to from someone wondering why people are selling up on their X-Pro2’s and moving elsewhere.  Some of the answers are quite amusing, ranging from they don’t know how to use them properly through to people who buy into Fuji over estimating their skill set and needing a camera to make up for what they lack.  Of course, some of these comments are from complete fan-boys (and girls) many of whom appear to be even trying to justify their own use for some reason. 

I've enjoyed my Fuji experience.  Over 5 years I've owned 7 different Fujifilm models both interchangeable and fixed lens bodies, met some great people and photographers through the community camaraderie that exists with the Fuji brand, but for me, it's simply about other things. I prefer the faster auto focus acquisition a DSLR still offers, the Fujifilm range is getting there, but it's still not as quick or as accurate as a DSLR.  I prefer the RAW files I get from the Nikon - I only shoot RAW and have never really liked Fuji JPG film simulations with the exception of the recently introduced Acros.  And of course, full frame is still full frame and has a certain look to it particularly shot wide open where even Fuji's best lenses still can't compete in real terms. 

The honeymoon with Fuji is far from over, that happened many years ago when I first had my X-Pro1 and had to work hard with it.  For the time being I'm going to keep hold of my trusty old X-Pro1 and a single lens, well just because really. I have a sentimental attachment to it and if I do want a lighter load for travel then it’s good for that.

But for now, I'm all Nikon, it's showing great promise for what I want from a camera system and  I'm loving it at present.