A little earlier this month we had a few days away in the wonderful surroundings of Lapland. A veritable winter wonderland with a trip to Father Christmas thrown in for good measure. Choosing a simple no nonsense range of kit to take was difficult. I wanted something that was simply family oriented, but had the option to capture some nice photographs as a great memory for us all.

In the end I chose to take my X-Pro1 over the X-T1 as its really my fun camera to use when I have more time to get the photo I want. The X-T1 nails the photo almost 100% of the time but for fun I think the X-Pro1 is just a bit more fun to use. I also took along my 23mm f1.5, 35mm f/1.4 and 56mm f1.2. I could have possibly left either of the 23 or 35 behind, but I really like both lenses for different reasons.

The 35mm gives me a reassuring field of view, bearing in mind this is my almost go to focal length but the 23mm I think is one of Fuji's finest lenses with super fast auto focus and beautiful image quality.

These were all packed into my Ona Brixton camera bag along with plenty of spare batteries and cards.

I was slightly concerned that the cold weather wasn't going to be the ideal environment for the Fuji kit, but in truth the temperature wasn't too bad - temperatures during 'daylight' hours weren't really much lower than -6 and so this proved no issue.

Shooting in Lapland where daylight is at a premium isn't the greatest experience, particularly when it's very much a holiday experience. However, as you'd expect the Fuji kit worked without fault.

If you're thinking of somewhere to go for a really great winter family experience Lapland is definitely recommended.