It's all about the subject & not the Equipment

Sometimes a photo is all about the subject, and less so the equipment sometimes.  Going through some random old images I came across this old photo of my Parents and my Daughter who was not much more than a baby at the time.  It's a particularly nice image as we have very few of these type of photos featuring my Parents.  Sadly my Father died a couple of years ago and we never managed to record many of him with his Granddaughter.

Of course, it's poignant but in this case it's also only shot on a point and shoot Canon, so whilst the quality may not be great and certainly the composition leaves a bit to be desired, it's great that the old adage that sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you at the time certainly is most indicative too.  Let's not forget that in the age of the camera phone, whilst they are getting much better than they've ever been, even a pretty basic point and shoot camera is likely to give you better results than an average camera phone even now.

Of course, with a little help from post processing software, we can hopefully make the image look a little better than the original may have been, and it's great that we have a little reminder of what was.  It's also great, that in time it remains a permanent reminder for our Daughter of what her Grandad was like and something she can hang onto as she gets older too.