When is Too Heavy 'TOO' Heavy?

Since I swapped over from my big old cumbersome DSLR kit last year, I've kind of had a smile on my face everywhere I've been with my Fuji X-Pro1 and pared down kit. It's not just the amazing quality of the images it's capable of producing but also the lovely lightweight feel of my Hadley Billingham. Funnily enough, being out and about yesterday in temperatures creeping up into the mid 20's and becoming rather 'stuffy' by lunchtime I had kind of had enough of it all, and dumped it in the car and carried on with just my phone camera for company. OK, so the results were a little less than ordinary, but I felt a lot better at the end of the afternoon, not carrying around even just a small bag and a couple of lenses.


It's got me to thinking if I should be looking out for a Fuji X100s, a camera I still have this niggling feeling is the camera I really, really should have, to lighten the load even further for family and fun days out, and keep the X-Pro1 for when I want something a little bit more.