Goodbye my Old Friend…

Last night I carefully wrapped up my old trusty Canon 40D and boxed it all up ready for posting off to a new owner having finally sold it to make way for the new.  I sat there last night, thinking about the fun we'd had together and how much I really liked that camera, and how it somehow rescued me from a point of some really  bad choices I had made before that in my camera buying decisions. Regrettably, all things come to an end and with me just not taking as many photos as I want and with a Canon 5D sitting gathering dust as well, I made the decision some time ago to let my trusty friend go elsewhere and re-invest what I got back for it, in a lens or similar.

As it stands, I've decided to re-invest that money in a pretty snappy compact.  The problem I have at present, is that I am back in that rut of just not taking photos, and not taking the 'big old DSLR' with me when I'm out and about.

For a while now I've had my head turned by the Fuji X series, a mirror less camera system which offers outstanding images in a pretty small package.  Having tried and failed spectacularly once before with an M43 type camera in the shape of a Panasonic GF1, which was a fantastic design of camera but ultimately didn't live up to expectations, I'm not about to give up my DSLR kit just yet.  The Fuji X10 should hopefully offer a better compromise of having a more portable option for those times when I want a camera with me, but provide good quality images too.

However, it's not without a small amount of sadness that I wave off my 40D.  A camera I've had some great times with and one that has served me so well.  Despite its age, the 40D is still a most able body and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a Canon option.

I certainly hope the new owner gets as much enjoyment from it as I have over these past couple of years or so.