Well it's been a fairly quiet couple of months on the photography front with little happening.  All I've managed to achieve is a few photos for my little one's birthday and the odd family birthday.

However having toyed long and hard with the idea, I finally decided to have a big eBay sort out - sell off a few things from old hobbies to fund a Canon 5Dc body which I've fancied for quite a while now.

The Canon 5Dc is one of those cameras which offers full frame opportunities at a budget price.  It's quite an old camera now, being first introduced way back in 2005.  It ran until about 2008, and was at the time a stalwart for full frame offering remarkable performance for the price.

Secondhand values are still relatively good, and performance wise they still offer excellent images, albeit the menu and autofocus systems are somewhat outdated by todays modern standards.

Armed with a couple of prime lenses, I have to say I am close to reaching the set up I have been looking for, for quite a time now... Here's one of the first images I've managed to shoot with it. Hope you enjoy!