Fujifilm X-Pro1 HG X-Pro1 Assist Grip

It’s always nice receiving presents through the post, and even more so when they’re camera related! I’ve been pretty much on the fence about the Fujifilm X-Pro1 HG- X-Pro1 Assist Grip ever since I bought my X-Pro1 last year. A part of me thinks it’s not needed, whilst the reviews I’ve read of the grip make it sound like a very valuable add on. Fujifilm X-Pro1 HG- X-Pro1 Assist Grip Box | daveyoungfotografia

The X-Pro1 grip has always been hindered in some ways through its high price along with the fact that when screwed on to the body, there is no simple access to the battery or SD card compartment. Each time you want to change the battery or SD card, you have to physically remove the grip, which although only a couple of turns on the holding screw, is seen by many as a real PITA!

Fujifilm X-Pro1 HG- X-Pro1 Assist Grip

With the release of an updated X-Pro1 grip earlier this year, complete with access to the battery and card compartment the price of the HG-1 grip has fallen quite considerably - so for those (like me) who aren’t too concerned at the the need to remove the grip frequently, it’s almost a no brainer now to pick one up.

Costing just £38.00 second hand, and in an almost new like condition, one popped up on MBP Photographic, a second hand camera equipment website and for that money I thought it worth a punt to see if it makes the shooting experience any better.

Initial thoughts on the grip are that it is well made as you’d expect and fits perfectly. Indeed it looks part of the camera when attached. It does add a little bit of weight to the camera, along with height but I actually think this helps to balance the camera body out a little. The X-Pro1 isn’t the largest body ever built. One nice feature is that the tripod mount at the bottom of the grip is placed in the centre of the focal plane, so this will help for manual panoramic work. At present, the tripod mount on the body is off centre, which is a little weird when mounting on a tripod.

HG-1 Grip on X-Pro

The grip certainly adds a little more to the camera, and personally, I like the fact it’s designed and manufactured to suit the looks of the X-Pro body and blends beautifully with it.

The proof is in the pudding though, and hopefully what it will do is what’s promised - provide an improvement in handling and and help to make the camera a little more secure in my hands.