Fuji XT1: A Revelation Indeed

So after much huffing and puffing and having bought and sold a Fuji X100s, which I thought was the camera I really should have, I jumped in and bought Fuji's flagship model, the XT1 a couple of weeks ago. It seems the next appropriate step evolution wise to compliment my X-Pro1, albeit its modern looks don't sit quite as easy on the eye as the X-Pro1 does. However, it's fair to say the XT-1 is a little dream machine. It just about answers everything you could ask regarding the X-Pro1 and its own inadequacies.

AF speed is much improved over the XPro-1, the EVF is amazingly good (who needs an OVF) - bright, crisp, big, with a super-fast refresh rate and the tactile nature Fuji have with found with their X range remains.

XT1 Rear View | daveyoungfotografia
XT1 Rear View | daveyoungfotografia

The controls for ISO and shutter speed have been moved from a menu option to sit alongside the exposure compensation dial on the top plate, together with the option of metering and frame rate being available through a small slide control under the dials.

These changes make for the simple option of moving out of auto mode and into manual, indeed it almost begs you to do so such is the ease in being able to control those settings.

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However, the really interesting things for me are the bits the camera is capable of which I didn't consider particularly relevant.

The articulating screen is brilliant. It flips out as well as up and down. I've always thought of flip screens as a bit gimmicky to be honest, now I'm cursing my X-Pro1 for not having one. Instead of kneeling or lying down I simply flip the screen to the angle I want it, see the image and shoot.

Fuji XT1 Articulating Screen | daveyoungfotografia
Fuji XT1 Articulating Screen | daveyoungfotografia

The other feature I really was a bit meh! about was wi-fi image transfer. It's one of those things I can live with or without… or could! Download the Fuji app and use your smartphone/tablet to not only receive images but also remote shoot too.

You can set all the major controls (ie aperture, shutter, ISO), choose your focus point and shoot away. Technically, I can now set my camera up outside on the tripod and sit in the car/house/wherever and simply shoot away say in relative comfort!

Images can be transferred to your phone/tablet, processed in your favourite mobile processing software and shared easily. How brilliant.

I have to admit, my method of connecting appears to be a bit hit and miss at present, my phone connects every time, but I do have issues connecting my iPad at times, although I suspect this is user error.

XT1 Front View | daveyoungfotografia
XT1 Front View | daveyoungfotografia

The only downside I see at present is its reluctance to play nicely with my Yongnuo RF603c remote triggers.

These work perfectly with my X-Pro1 firing the YN560III I use, but offer no signs of wanting to play nice with the XT1 under any circumstances, so at present I'm trying to find a workaround.

With new firmware updates coming to the existing black XT1 in December to match the newly released Graphite XT1, including the ability to shoot at 1/32000 of a second, Fuji have a real classy machine on their hands at present and certainly food for thought as to the future of my beloved X-Pro1.