Fuji XF55-200mm Lens: It's a Wrap

Well, it's been about a month that I've had the pleasure of testing out Fuji's 55-200mm lens, and sadly it's now gone back to its rightful owner. I thought I'd wrap it all up with a quick note on it, and what I think to it. Personally, having not shot at those kind of focal lengths previously it is a bit of a revelation. You can stand there and literally get up close and personal with a subject without really imposing of their space, and for that it's great. The image quality is, as you'd expect from Fuji, stunning - and the OS helps to further that - even I was able to get pretty usable images even down at 1/10th of a second, thanks to the anti-shake.


As lenses go from Fuji, it's a whopper and I certainly noticed the difference in carrying my camera bag with and without it in there. Albeit, it's not on a par weight wise, with say a Canon or Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, you still notice the additional weight with it in your bag.

Would I buy one?

Well, at the end of the day if money was no object I'd buy any lens Fuji makes. They are all excellent and have little issues, either with quality of image of build. However, unless I was going to extensively shoot at the higher end of the focal range, I'm not sure I'd budget for one. At times when it's on the camera it's just a little too intimidating, and of course if you're shooting in a more enclosed area, it's just simply not practical. There are some fine Fuji lenses available at present, and Fuji seem to have new releases on the not too distant horizon, so it's a toss up if I bought this one or not.

Personally, I think I'd probably plump for the much smaller, intimate 60mm as I believe that is a more all round lens for everyday use with a great focal length, or if cash was no object the 56mm, which appears every good and better as the 35mm f/14 is. However, there certainly would be a place in my fantasy camera bag for it, that's for sure.