Fuji X10 - Is this the Beginning of the End?

Window blindsHaving decided to finally bite the bullet and sell the spare DSLR body I had and buy something a little more practical for day to day photos, the little Fuji X10 I've had my eye on for a while now turned up yesterday.  And I have to say I'm well and truly smitten with it. In fact, I'm so smitten with it I'm even wondering as to whether I actually need a DSLR at all and simply buy a high end Fuji and make do - only from what I'm seeing there won't be much making do.

OK, so image quality maybe very slightly compromised, but the benefits of having a high end lightweight go anywhere camera which doesn't weigh you down I think would certainly outweigh that compromise.

The Fuji X10 is a 28-112mm zoom lens, so covers a fantastic range.  Most impressive, apart from the 'brick-like' build quality is the F/2.0 - F/2.8 aperture range which obviously offers great fast autofocusing and low light performance.

Hopefully this weekend, I'll give it a real try out and see how it fairs.  I'm not expecting it to be able to live up to images I can produce with my Canon 5Dc but the fact I can travel light and not have to worry about lumping around a great big body and several lenses does appeal…. greatly.

If, as I think things progress, there may just be another 'fire' sale of my DSLR kit, with all proceeds going towards another Fuji purchase in the coming weeks!