Fuji X10 First Impressions

Church Pews Last weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to give the Fuji X10 I'd recently bought a good run out with a visit to Coughton Court, a locally owned National Trust house and gardens.  With the weather finally being a little bit warmer and sunnier, it was ideal for giving a new camera a try out.

First impressions of the Fuji are excellent, build quality is superb and although nice and small, it's perfect for those discreet images where you want to get the photo without too much fuss.  Image quality is good. However, personally I'm still not convinced I could use it as my go to camera - it's great for those point and shoot opportunities but if you want images which are real 'keepers' then a good quality DSLR with good glass is still the way to go.

Having also took my Canon 5D with me along with a 50mm lens, there were times when I was reaching for that, simply because I wanted a better quality image for a record of the day.  However, I would temper that by saying there were one or two times in the day, when I got images from the Fuji that I couldn't have got with what I had from the Canon and fixed 50mm lens.  The idea of carrying light was perfect in these situations.

Here for arguments sake, is a photo taken with the Fuji inside one of the two churches which has been processed in Lightroom, but shows the quality of the images you can get from the little camera.

Overall, the feel and simplicity of the Fuji is excellent. If you simply want to get out and take good quality images with very little drama or thought process, the Fuji wins. It's a very capable camera, produces great images even if you just leave it in 'P' mode and let the camera get on with it. It also has plenty of features to get great images for the more advanced photographer who wants to tweak its settings - many of which I have yet to master.

In spite of this I'm not yet sure I'm ready to give up the DSLR just yet despite thinking I may have been a week or so ago... There is just something a little magical about a Canon full frame camera.