Fuji Street Walk Hits Birmingham!

You know you’re in for a great time when Fuji offer a free street walk, and renowned X-Photographers like Matt Hart, Damien Lovegrove and Dave Kai Piper turn up to help out. Each are very much at the top of the photography tree in their own given genres, and yet happy to churn the cud with each and every person who had a question or comment to make about the Fuji range and photography in general.



The Fuji Street Walk, in Birmingham this weekend, was the opportunity for a bunch of like-minded individuals to get together, wander the streets for a couple of hours, shooting whatever they wanted, with some expert guidance from street photographer expert Matt Hart and generally socialise with other Fuji guys.


It was a fantastic gesture by the guys who work for Fuji to set up and take time out of their busy schedules to meet and greet some of the customers and bring such illustrious company with them too for the ride!


Indeed, for many of us it was a great opportunity to put names to faces of some of the Fuji personnel, such as Marc Horner and Dale Young, to name but two, who are the social media face of Fujifilm UK and interact on a daily basis through social media channels with us, their customers.


Amongst the throng, were other well known Photographers and bloggers including Mathieu and Heather from the Mirrorlessons blog and high profile local Midlands Photographers including Verity Milligan (@vemsteroo) and Stacy Guiney (@Suberashi).

Overall, it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours with plenty of chat and a few laughs along the way, and my thanks goes out to the whole team at Fujifilm UK for organising.