Fuji-X-Pro1 | daveyoungphotos.co.uk I've had the feeling I had today before and ignored it and it's something I'm not about to repeat this time around. I don't know if other photographers sometimes pick up a piece of kit, such as a lens or a body and instantly feel a connection to it.

You know, that feeling when everything just seems to fit right in the hand, when all the controls seem to just drop into place, and the balance and stability of the kit just seems, well right.

The last time I had that feeling was when I tried a Canon 50D a few years ago, and stupidly walked away from that and bought a Nikon D300s thinking that was what I wanted as I was a 'Nikonite'. It took me a painful experience in how to lose money to learn from that and I'm not about to repeat that exercise this time around.

Today, with my beloved Wife in tow we took a trip into the big city to take a proper look at the Fuji X-Pro1. I've been back and forth as to whether to jump on one of these or an XE-1 for a number of weeks now, having decided to sell all my Canon kit sometime ago. We got the chance to take an up close look in Jessops in Birmingham, and thanks to some great help from the guys there got to spend a good few minutes examining it with the 35mm f/1.4 Fuji lens on too.

It's certainly cemented in my mind what I want to do. It was an excellent morning's research, and I'm really pleased that we made the trip. Now all I need to do is re-examine the budget and decide on what is really needed to compliment such a fantastic bit of kit.

To top the day of, we arrived home to find the postie had been and left my newly acquired Billingham Hadley bag I had blagged on eBay. I always open such items with a little trepidation wondering if they'll live up to expectation with regards to wear and condition. I needn't have worried. With the exception of no tags, and the odd cat hair, you'd be hard pressed to tell I hadn't bought it earlier in the day!