Decisions, Decisions...

Fuji XPro-1 | is it so hard to make a decision?  Sometimes the most simple decisions to take are often the hardest.  Having set out to change my camera kit from a big old heavy DSLR kit, I know I want a lightweight Fuji kit, and having made my mind up about the XE-1 offering from Fuji, suddenly the glint of the X-Pro1 has now made me re-evaluate my thinking.

The X-Pro doesn't necessarily offer much in real world terms over the X-E1.  OK, for some the deal breaker is an optical viewfinder, which for me I can probably take or leave.  It's slightly bigger dimensionally, which may be an advantage - but the bottom line is the sensor and engine is the same in both.

However, for some reason I just can't decide.  Of course, the X-Pro is a little more money, which means the budget gets shortened elsewhere, and there is talk of an XE-2 coming along shortly, which may be a good thing, but could spell a price hike closer to the X-Pro.

At the end of the day, I guess it's all to do with a flip of the coin - something I'm not great at.  What if's and maybe's are always there nestling in the darker reaches of my mind.

What I do know is the 35mm f/1.4 lens is a must have whichever body I plump for.  It's a gorgeous lens, and one which has great reviews, and with some of the silky smooth reviews I've read, it definitely needs to be in the new camera bag.  I'd also like the 18-55mm 'kit' lens.  Again, the word kit is a loose term for this lens - it's supposed to be a cracker.

I guess it's watch this space - hopefully something soon will materialise, and you'll be the first to hear about it here.