Dry Bank Holidays Mean...

The cool thing about dry Bank Holiday Weekends is being able to get out and about into the wood we have close by to us and wander around taking in some of its depth and beauty.  It's hard to imagine it's next door to a big supermarket as when you're in the middle of it, other than the sound of a few cars passing by you could be anywhere. It's a wood that features both native species of oak together with birch and ash trees, making it a pretty cool place to wander around.  Ground flora includes such items as Bluebells, Dog’s Mercury, Enchanter’s Nightshade, Marsh Bedstraw, Wood Avens, Foxglove, rushes and sedges, and whilst the Bluebells aren't quite in such abundance as other wooded areas, they are very pretty at this time of year.

I particularly like the dense undergrowth found in the wood, and away from the beaten track it looks quite a foreboding place to be.  Whilst it would be nice to see a carpet of Bluebells, sadly it's not to be, far too many other species of plant make up the ingredients of the wood for that.  Still it's a good place to wander around anytime, and if you're lucky you may just see the odd deer, fox or badger too.

As we're a bit thin on the ground for bluebells, I think a black and white version of the more natural habitat is more appealing personally.

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