Yesterday saw me make my annual pilgrimage to the UK Photography show at the NEC in Birmingham where the plethora of photography business makers and shakers exhibit their wares and get us photographers all hot under the collar.

To be honest, I was a touch underwhelmed.  Leica who I was hoping to see for instance weren't there and there were few other camera manufacturers products I was really interested in.  It's great to see what's out and about though, the accessory side of the market threw up some interest for me, such as Billingham Bags who had some great products available.

I was almost on the point for leaving when I noticed the Nikon Df, a camera I've admired the look of since it first came out, but never really explored much.  Heading over to the Nikon stand, I wasn't even sure they had one at the show, there were plenty of mahoosive lenses to look through, but the diminutive Df took a bit of finding.

However, I have to say when I did find it and had a brief fumble with it, I was well and truly smitten.  It's a lovely bit of kit, the few test photos I took with it looked pretty good on the screen, the autofocus is snappy with the 50mm f/1.8g standard lens and the controls albeit quirky offer everything you want to get the job done.  I have to say I arrived home in quite a state last night with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) rumbling around inside me.

I've since read a few reviews on the Df and spoken to a couple of people I know who have them and it seems it's definitely Nikon's 'Marmite' camera - there's a lot of love for it and an equal proportion of dislike.  It appears to be very good at what it does, only not so easy to do it at times and my interest has been well and truly piqued at the prospect of what it can do.  

The only real stumbling block for me is the eye watering price the Df commands.  It appears to be way overpriced for what it is and I'm yet to convince myself why that is. However, all I will say at this point is watch this space, this little Nikon cast a bit of a spell on me and I've rather quite fallen for it!