Christmas Joy... and 60mm is Always Enough

It's been awhile since I updated the blog here.  To tell the truth with the run up to Christmas, I've been a bit weigh layed with other projects of one sort and another, and one or two doubts have kind of crept in slowly regarding the X-Pro1.   In honesty, I think they've been more to do with my abilities than the camera, but coming from the relatively simple ease of using a DSLR to something new, these niggles creep in and are then slow to remove themselves.

The great news is, along came a firmware update for a couple of bodies in the Fuji range, including the X-Pro1 and that seemed to blow some of the question marks away - a major one being Auto ISO, allowing you to basically set a minimum shutter speed to work in conjunction with the ISO. This is a feature which I know a lot of Fuji users have been calling out for, for a long time.

I've also had the opportunity to borrow a 60mm 'macro' lens for a few days over the Christmas period, to go alongside the 18-55mm zoom lens and 35mm prime I have.

The overall impressions of it are that it's another Fuji cracker, and it's a shame it's just too late to go on Santa's wishlist.  Maybe I'll pop it on for next year!  It's not the fastest focussing lens, but it's sure as heckers sharp as when it's stopped down... Of course, with the 56mm f1.2 rumoured to be out and about sometime next Springtime, there may just be an outside chance of the bottom of these falling out of them price wise, and a bargain or two to be had (let's hope so anyway), as I'd have one in a flash.  It's a great portrait lens being a 90mm equivalent on full frame, and it works well as a macro.

Hopefully, I'll keep the blog a little more updated into the New Year, with more info....

Seasons greetings, and Happy New Year to anyone that's out there reading this!