Christmas Comes Early For Fuji XT1 Owners

If you’re a Fuji camera owner, you got an early Christmas present these past few days with a big firmware update being sent out by Fuji providing many more features for a number of different camera bodies. The major beneficiary of the upgrade was the flagship Fuji model, the XT1, which saw a whole raft of updates which updated existing owners of the black XT1 to the same level of features that the recently released graphite version ships with. It almost feels like a new camera such are the number of new features available.

One of the most interesting features I’ve noticed over the past couple of days is the inclusions of AF+ MF. The AF+MF function provides the option to half press the shutter button to autofocus on the subject, and fine tune your focus through manual focussing. As soon as you turn the focussing ring on the lens you get a 100% view of what you’re focussed on, with the assistance of focus peaking this really adds a new dimension to getting those tack sharp images.

Another interesting upgrade is Phase detection AF support for Instant AF. In Instant AF mode, which is operated by pressing the AF-L button during manual focusing, the update will enable Phase Detection AF to provide faster focusing speeds.

As the owner of a 60mm f/2.4 I’m convinced this feature has improved the focus speed of this from frustrating to almost acceptable in most conditions. Certainly there is still some hunting in very low light, but on the whole it appears to have helped the 60mm and may have helped put off a needed switch to the 56mm f/1.2.

Fuji 60mm Portrait Shot | daveyoungfotografia
Fuji 60mm Portrait Shot | daveyoungfotografia

There’s also been a lot of talk about the introduction of a high speed electronic shutter with a max speed of 1/32,0000 giving the option to shoot wide open with Fuji’s very fastest fixed focal length lenses.  A nice addition and certainly one for the summer months in the UK!

As mainly a RAW shooter, the inclusion of Classic Chrome Simulation is also welcome, but not something I am likely to use on a regular basis.

The full list of updates for the XT1 are as follows -

1. High-speed electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000sec. 2. Shutter Sound can be muted if desired. 3. Classic Chrome Film Simulation mode 4. Natural Live View function is just like the naked eye. 5. EVF / LCD Color Control 6. AF+MF 7. Direct selection of AF area 8. Unlocked AE-L / AF-L Buttons 9. Change the size of the Focus frame in the Manual Focus 10. Direct selection of Macro mode 11. Q. Menu customization 12. New Video Frame rates (50P/25P/24P) 13. Manual Shooting in Video mode 14. Phase detection AF support for Instant AF 15. Interlocking of Metering and Focus areas 16. Expansion of shutter speed in Program Shift mode 17. Addition of options in Function(Fn) setting 18. instax Printer Print 19. Lock Function adds software lock function during shooting mode. 20. Three Custom White Balance 21. Expand EVF / LCD displaying types in manual exposure mode 22. PC tethered shooting support 23. Change the function of FACE DETECTION in Focus-Frame Selection AF 24. When pressing AE-L button, exposure is reflected to the live view. 25. When AF is locked by pressing AF-L button, the AF lock is held during zooming. 26. Add the icon to show RAW shooting is not available when an expanded sensitivity range is selected in RAW shooting.

As you can see quite a list, and once again, the guys at Fuji appear to have listened to the feedback from users of their products and been able to incorporate users requirements into this firmware update to offer some exciting updates to what already is a stellar performer. For more information and a full explanation of the firmware update, here’s the link to the Fuji software updates. - Link Here.