Choosing Your Shooting Style


I'm just a man with a cam... I've always enjoyed a bit of photography, and really started to think more about the pictures I started taking when I had a wee nipper to think about and record.

As the past few years have gone by the photography bug has bitten harder, and it's become a bit of a passion for me, and although I wouldn't consider myself particularly creative or 'arty' when it comes to photography I know what I like from an image, and I know the kind of way I want to process an image when I take it.

The problem I always have when I pick the camera up is what to shoot.  Trying to pinpoint a particular area of photography is pretty difficult for me. I'm not much into landscapes, and still life kind of photos don't really quite do it for me.  The one area I really like is glamour (no, not for those reasons!)...

I was fortunate enough last year to come across a small club setting up in Birmingham that had access to a studio where I've shot a couple of models now, and really enjoyed the whole thing.  Trying to work with a model is not an intuitive thing, although I guess as you do it more it gets easier - you really have to build a rapport with them.  And of course, the technical aspects of trying to work out the lighting side is an area I  just don't know, I've never used studio lighting so don't understand it as yet.

However, looking at the whole host of photos I look at on an almost daily basis from the various sites I wander across, it's this area of photography I connect with - and that's where I want to try and concentrate on.  Just how I'm going to do that I'm not quite sure as yet.  There's a couple of guys I've previously met who do some great work, and these are the guys I'd like to emulate.  Maybe the first thing to do is to try and work with them, (hint, hint)...

For the time being, I'm going to try and learn a bit more and find out the kind of area I really would like to concentrate in, and of course carry on photographing everything else I can.

A few extra images of the shoot

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