Camera Bags... So What?

As many photographers will often tell you, you can never have too many camera bags.  Big ones, small ones, back packs, messenger bag style.  There's a thousand different styles, made by a hundred different companies -  some good, some great and some simply classic. A West Midlands firm that's been blazing a trail few can keep up with since 1973 is M. Billingham and Co.  Manufacturing a classic range of camera bags that seem to evolve slowly over time, the Billingham range of  bags have few equals in the market and few detractors.

I've been lucky enough to own two Billingham bags, and loved both of them.  The first one, a Hadley Pro, was a beautiful messenger style bag which sadly was too small for the amount of kit I had, and had to go.  Having been bitten by the Billingham bug, I was lucky enough to replace the Hadley with a larger option and currently have a Billingham 335 which is now for sale as it's too large following my decision to downsize my current camera kit.

I'll be really sorry to see my 335 go.  It's a classic bag, rugged, solid and capable of holding lots of kit, safely, along with the option of having lots of spare room for those much needed accessories such as cards, batteries, filters etc with you as required.

However, all is not lost.  I am planning on replacing the 335 with ironically, another Billingham Hadley - this time I have my eye on a stealthy black fabric number to match the black Fuji kit I'm planning on buying.

If you're a photographer and in the market for another camera bag, and have yet to own a Billingham - then don't delay, buy one and prepare to be impressed.

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