Billingham: A great British Range

When I swapped over from my DSLR kit to Fuji, I initially found that the Billingham 335 camera bag I loved and cherished was simply too big for my needs at that time. With the idea of downsizing my kit, I wanted something smaller and more flexible for my needs, indeed with just a single body and 2 lenses, a small messenger type bag was ideal for everyday shooting.

Enter the Billingham Hadley Pro. A firm favourite amongst four-thirds and CSC owners for some time, Billingham have a reputation for durability along with their good looks and ability for keeping your kit safe and protected when out and about.

Made from a choice of materials including fibrenyte and more traditional canvas, the Billingham Hadley measures up at 13¾” wide x 4¾” deep x 11” high, with a capacity of 6 litres and a weight of just very slightly over 1 kilo (2.23lbs).

With 3 pockets to hold your gear in, the Hadley Pro also features a useful rear zipped backed pocket which can be used for storing an iPad or similar tablet device for photo processing on the move.

If you’re looking for a lightweight bag, to take out with a couple of lenses and a handful of accessories for a days shooting it’s ideal. However, as your camera kit grows, it soon outlives its usefulness, and once you add a couple more lenses, and a flash to your system you’re starting to either compromise on what you take with you or having to stack items on top of each other, something personally I’m not keen on.

This is where Billingham's Hadley Pro Large comes in. With a capacity that’s more than double that of the Hadley Pro, without too much further incumbent bulk this looks to be the ideal replacement as your system grows and certainly one I’m thinking of as my own system grows.

Of course, there are other options available in the market.  If you’re looking for something smaller for your X100 series camera, I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend you check out Robert the Camera Bag from Millican, a fantastic small bag ideally suited to the X100.  But for a growing system I think Billingham offer a fantastic range of products.

You can check out the range of Billingham Bags here at their website.

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