Billingham 335 Camera Bag

Having written last week about the Billingham Hadley camera bag, after using it for a little while it's apparent that as beautiful as it is, the Hadley is an ideal bag for a quick out and about bag.

It's not necessarily the ideal option if you want to keep all your camera gear in one place all of the time. I had already found the need to ditch the grip from my body to comfortably fit and with a couple of new lenses along with a flash it was starting to get a little tight already.

Just a few days later the opportunity came along to buy the Billingham 335 at a crazy price. OK, it's not new although having got it, I think you'd be hard pressed to see where it's actually been used. Apart from a couple of very minor marks which will wipe off it's immaculate.

I can't believe I've managed to obtain a bag of such quality for less than 30% of its original value! It's incredible value. Having had a quick play with it tonight it's swallowed all my kit with ease, and leaves plenty of room for expansion. The great news is I've been able to pop my grip back on my camera body and drop that in there too.

Hopefully that's it now on the bag buying front - I said that last time, so I'm not saying never say never. In the meantime, if you're looking for a Hadley Pro from Billingham, get in touch!