Autumn here's, so is the Rain!

It seems each time I try and get out the weather plays its trump card and at every available opportunity it appears to be raining when I want to go out and play. Not so today, so with just an hour or so to spare, I popped out and had a quick wander around the local spinney we have close by to us. It's rather beautiful in there, however with the deluge of rain we've had over the past 24 hours or so, everything appears to be brown and looking rather sorry for itself.

Still it was nice to get out, and wander round with the camera and tripod in tow. It was actually quite liberating using the tripod. I bought it a little while ago for the bargain price of just £8.00. A nice solid Manfrotto tripod, and although it's good and heavy I actually don't mind that.

Having used plenty of tripods in the past that are cheap and flimsy it's great to finally have one that's up to the job. It even has a 'proper' ball head on it together with the ability to invert the centre column - which is how I used it for this image of the leaf on the floor to get down low to it.

Oakenshaw Spinney |

Coupled with my manual release cable, I really want to get out and make much more use of both of these over the next few months or so. Hopefully if the rain stays away I can do just that!