Adios my little 18-55mm Zoom Lens

Well, it's been a fair time coming and as it was the first lens I owned when I bought into Fuji, I was reluctant to let it go without a fight. Sadly of late it’s become the last I’ve reached for lots of times, so on Friday last week, I finally plucked up the courage and sold my Fuji 18-55mm zoom lens. I’ve kind of been through the whole gamut of feelings and thinking about the 18-55mm. Whilst it is a kit lens, the quality cries out that it really isn’t a kit lens, but for some reason I’ve never got on with mine. At times I look at the images it takes and thinks it’s excellent and at other times the images are just, well less than ordinary and not what I want from my kit.

I understand it holds high esteem with a lot of other Fuji shooters, which makes me wonder whether it’s the copy I had, or just my over critical eyes and pixel peeping nature.

Having come from a prime lens background maybe the idea of using the zoom with its variable aperture just didn’t appeal and in doing so left me short of confidence with it - always looking for the worst in it. Anyway, having thought long and hard about it, I’ve moved it on.

As a prime lens lover, I’ve gone with the 18mm. I’d really like the 14mm, but at this moment in time the 18mm has to suffice and it’s actually a focal length I quite enjoy having looked long and hard at my Lightroom collection of images shot with the zoom to see what length I have used it on most.

The 18mm may not be everyone’s choice - it seems to have a mixed reaction in reviews and comments I read, some loving it and others just preferring the zoom option. However, with the 18mm, 35 and 60mm I feel at present I’ve got most things covered for the majority of focal lengths I shoot at.

I am hoping in the near future to change the 60mm for the 56mm… the lure of being able to shoot at f/1.2 just seems too good, but don’t get me wrong. I love my 60mm, give it a bit of reasonable light and the images it produces are excellent. But, I would like something that’s a little more reactive in lower light and hope the 56mm will provide me with that.

So, that’s it. The 18-55mm has finally, after much angst left the building - and the incoming 18mm, I hope, will earn it’s corn. I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve used it a little!