Accessories for the Fuji x100s

I may have only had the X100s for a couple of days or so, but even after that short time it's apparent there's a couple of accessories that are badly needed for it for it to function to its best potential. 1.  Lens Hood

This is an optional accessory you can buy from Fuji, which is you choose to will cost you a cool £79.98 directly from Fuji.  As much as I love Fuji, I'm afraid with the proliferation of alternate options available, such as from an eBay seller or likewise it's a bit of a non brainer.  The advantage of the lens hood however, is obvious. It cuts down on excess light entering the camera lens together with helping to reduce lens flare when you're trying to take images in bright light.

This is actually quite an issue on a sunny day, and so the lens hood is for money, quite a necessity.  Included with most lens hoods wherever you source them from is an adapter ring which a 49mm filter is compatible.  This is ideal for protection to the lens, and allows for the use of a 49mm pinch cap for added protection.

2.  Batteries

All Fuji cameras have a reputation for going through batteries quickly, and the X100s is no different.  One minute you're shooting, the next you've got 2 bars showing on the battery meter, and just after that the battery seems to drain itself.

I've bought 2 extra batteries for the X100s and from reviews I've read online, if I want to shoot for a whole day, I may even need more than that!  I have one spare with my X-Pro1 and manage OK with that, so we'll suck that one and see.

3.  Small Bag

At present, I have all my kit in a relatively small Billingham Hadley camera bag, but I'm thinking for family days out and such where I just want to take the X100s with me, I want something even smaller and lighter.

At present, I'm a bit torn between a smaller Billingham and a Millican Robert the Camera bag, which is almost half messenger bag size.  The Millican certainly looks the part and so just for something different, I may plump for one of those.  Travelling light is certainly the order of the day with the X100s, and this definitely fits the bill.

4.  Wrist Strap

I prefer wrist straps to neck straps, and so have fitted one of my own Garren leather wrist straps which is ideal for the x100s. I may switch as I wish to a neck strap, but at present the preference is for the wrist strap.

For the moment, I'm happy with those add-on's.  I'm not a big fan of leather cases or half cases, so I won't be looking for one of those at the moment. I had one for my old X10, but in truth never used it most of the time. I like the tactility of the camera when I'm using it.  After all that's part of what you're paying for isn't it?

Have I missed anything? Are there other accessories I should be looking at to make my x100s the perfect travel-light camera accompaniment.