50mm Goodness


 Work Bench

The weather's been a bit rubbish this past week or so, well it's been rhubarb all year really but the great news is with a 'nifty 50mm' lens you can still do amazing things indoors and get some great results without trying too hard!

Having upgraded my lens kit to include a 28mm and 100mm I'm tempted to replace my f/1.8 nifty 50mm for the f/1.4 variety for the increased build quality of the Canon, or if I can get a good image quality one, the Sigma. The low light advantages are obvious, the bokeh is a little more appealing, and the construction certainly more rugged than that of the 1.8mm version, mind you so they should be at a little over two and a half times the price.

In the meantime whilst I consider the options of f/1.4 v f/1.8 and whilst the weather continues to resemble monsoon not summer season, I can break out the 50mm f/1.8 and use it to good effect indoors for all sorts of images.

The image above is a photo taken for a work project and kind of caught the eye. It has had a little post processing done on it, but shows the kind of quality the 50mm f/1.8 can offer, and all for under a hundred quid too!