2013 - A Quick Review

2013_DYf | daveyoungfotografia So, it's been a rather eventful year on the photographic front for me during 2013, so I thought I'd lay it out a little here. Moving up to the full frame goodness that a Canon 5D offered, I had no real intentions of changing any kit, simply concentrating on learning techniques and trying to improve the images I took with what I had.

The only problem with that was as the kit bag increased, so did the weight and when the weight of a kit bag increases sadly the enthusiasm to drag it all around with you doesn't. If you're out and about for a day, it's so much more simple to travel light but the thing is you don't necessarily want to compromise on quality.

In April I bought what I thought would be a solution to the problem - a Fuji X10, an ideal small camera with the ability to take great images. In essence it weighed around 5% of my kit bag and gave me 75% of the image quality of my full kit. Job done, or so I thought.

Following our holiday in Spain, where only the X10 travelled, a quick review of the images revealed that although the images were OK, they just weren't what I was wanting and that's when it hit.... a GAS attack!

GAS syndrome is well known in photographic circles and stands for gear acquisition syndrome. It rears it's ugly head at the most inopportune times, and this time it was one which I needed to scratch, and scratch well.

In the end I plumped for the Fuji X-Pro1 with an 18-55mm zoom lens, to which I added a 35mm prime lens. It's a blistering combination, and one which should see the end of GAS attacks for a while. All I have left is to dream about the lenses Fuji release, for which they are becoming particularly well renowned.

So coming into 2014 is very similar to 2013 in some ways, I have a settled field equipment wise - I simply need to master it and get the best from it...Watch this space, who knows what may happen!