Dave Young

Documentary Wedding Photographer

"There’s just something fantastic about making a photograph, it’s something I just simply love to do."

I really love photography.  So, what better than to photograph weddings which are such fun days. I really love telling a story with my wedding photography, capturing all those lovely little details, smiles, tears and hugs.

I started photography a long time ago, using film cameras but the interest and passion burnt much more brightly with the introduction of digital.   Nowadays I love to shoot a bit of both, a simple film camera with few settings is a great way to spend a day out and about with.

I live in Worcestershire with my wonderful family, originally from Wolverhampton, I've lived in the Shire of Worcester for around 16 years or so and short of spending the rest of my days in sunny Spain or a clifftop cottage overlooking the sea I can't imagine living anywhere else.  

Anyway, enough of me. If you want to get in touch to chat wedding photography or photography in general give me a shout out, you can find me hanging out most days somewhere on social media.